Around the House package

Around the House package

Around the House package

Around the House package

Chromecast with Google TV + Nest Hub Max1

Enjoy movies and shows all around the house. Breathe new life into your living room TV with Chromecast2, ask YouTube for recipes and more in the kitchen on Nest Hub.3

Customise this package:

Chromecast with Google TV

Get the entertainment that you love all in one place.2,3

Nest Hub Max

The premium speakers on Nest Hub Max make music and shows even more entertaining.1

Recommended add-ons

Nest Wifi router and point

A scalable system that gives both whole-home coverage and a consistently strong signal.4

So much streaming awaits.

"Play The Umbrella Academy"
Watch Netflix, search YouTube for cooking videos, or cast from your phone.3

Bring all of your services to each of your screens.

Easy streaming.

Get personalised recommendations from Chromecast with Google TV2, and watch live TV, Netflix or Disney+ on Nest Hub. Cast to any Nest device from your phone.3

1Requires a Wi-Fi network and a nearby electrical socket.

2Chromecast with Google TV requires a TV with an HDMI port, a Wi-Fi network, a Google Account, a nearby electrical socket or USB port, and a compatible mobile device. Minimum OS requirements are available at

3Subscription services may be required for certain content.

4Home size, materials and layout can affect how a Wi-Fi signal travels. Medium-sized and larger homes or homes with thicker walls or long, narrow layouts may need extra Wifi points for full coverage. The strength and speed of the signal will also depend on your Internet provider.

**Savings claim based on purchasing each of the items included with the bundle separately at their total current selling price.